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Bambu is short for Bambuseae which is the tropical woody bamboo that is used for a variety of common reasons including scaffolding, building houses and also furniture. Bambu is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, it can grow 3 feet per day and up to 100 feet! it is also 99% of the Giant Pandas diet, which we love. We feel that the name, brand and synergy between the plant is closely aligned with our vision. We aim to maintain the growth of Bambu, we want to develop our people, our brand and value added service offering. Like Bambu we aim to be strong, reliable, versatile and quick to develop. We are committed to identify the best raw and untapped talent in the market place, we will work with them, develop their skills, mindset and potential. We believe there are many future business leaders that we can assist and we want to build a strong team and brand that our people and communities can be proud of.

We intend to leave a positive legacy in the communities in which we work.

Alex Hall - CEO
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Since 2003

Meet the team

Alex Hall - Managing Director

Alex Hall is the founder and managing director of Bambu. Alex is an electrician by trade, and initially began his journey in business by founding Halltech Electrical Services. He later decided that the electrical industry was not for him and moved on to bigger and better things. Halltech has since re-branded as Bambu, the exceptional scaffolding company we know today.

Alex is an avid rugby fan and an innovative entrepreneur who thoroughly enjoys developing people and helping them become the best they can be.

Josh Anderson - Office Manager

Since Josh joined Bambu in 2018, he has proven himself an invaluable member of the team. He prides himself on his work and the gathering of knowledge in the industry. Quick to adapt and hard working, Josh has managed to quickly work his way up to be a highly valued and trusted member of the team.

In his spare time, Josh is an advocate of mental health amongst men and is a member and facilitator of Andy's Man Club Hull. A place for men to speak about their problems amongst friends and other like minded people. He also recently passed his qualification in mental health.

Andy Watts - Quality & Safety Manager

Andy Watts has strengthened the commercial team and brings 10 years of experience running businesses within the hospitality sector. Tasked with developing customer services and improving safety and quality across all areas of Bambu. The key to this is managing human performance across the business.

Darren Williams - Advanced Inspector

Craig Dibb - Logstics Supervisor

Craig Dibb or "Dibb" has worked with Alex for 3 years now, starting his career with Halltech Electrical Services and then moving to Bambu after it was founded, he met Alex whilst playing for "Halltech FC" and got to know Alex well which is how he began his career here. He started at the company as a labourer and has worked his way up to be a CPC qualified class 2 driver which was paid for in full by Bambu, he wants to eventually move up to a class 1. Craig is hard working and enjoys a challenge and is always willing to help the gangs when they need it. He mentioned that he is appreciative of the current innovation that is underway in the company.

Craig was a part of the Bambu charity boxing event held last year and was the main event fight for the evening.

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