Here at Bambu, we believe that professionalism is core to how we work with our clients, supply chain partners and with our colleagues. This means that you will have the best possible experience while we help support your project. Because of our commitment to only employ the very best people, you can be sure that your project will always be delivered by experts in their field. From our in-house designers and exceptionally skilled operatives and supervisors, we will always try our hardest to create innovative solutions whilst sticking to the required specifications of the job at hand.Bambu's professional approach to supporting their projects means we are trusted by household names such as Persimmon Homes, Beal Homes and Places For People.


Something we talk about a lot at Bambu is “supporting projects,” but this is not all we do. We also support the communities in which we work whether it be organising an abseil down the side of the 2nd tallest building in Hull that we worked on as a charity event, or supporting Hull FC through their 2017 season by being their main sponsor, that culminated into them winning the challenge cup that year. We also have Bambu community, a separate part of Bambu whose main focus is charity and community work. While it is separated from the main company, it is the same people that run it, showing how much we truly care for the communities in which we work. Our award winning attitude to serving our clients and the community has been one of the key factors in the constant success and growth of Bambu.


The neat section of the P.A.N.D.A acronym actually ties in to multiple facets of it. All members of Bambu should look presentable and be in their proper protective equipment which is why we designed personalized gear for each of our scaffolders, complete with their name and what department they work under (Bambu Newbuild and Bambu Contracting) we have done this so that upon seeing our scaffolders turn up for the first time you can be sure that they not only act professionally but all look professional as well.


Here at Bambu we have recently been investing in a multitude of new systems that we are using to make the customer experience as seamless as possible such as Smart Handover a digital platform for handovers to avoid any unnecessary paper or time wastage, a new clean website that is easy to navigate and use, with a very simple way of contacting us directly via email. This is as well as our newest addition to the software we use, BigChange which we will be using for fleet and job tracking so that we can accurately give you any information regarding your job that you may need.


Here at Bambu it is a part of our vision to develop and inspire our team, we are committed to improving our already exceptional workforce by investing heavily in the personal development of each and every member of staff by providing them with their qualifications and awards when they perform exceptionally well. We believe here at Bambu, that we should all try to be the best we can be. This is achieved by challenging each person constantly and having them step out of their comfort zone to broaden their knowledge and skill set and in turn evolving the team even further. Everyone is encouraged to put forward new ideas that will help our systems and processes run more efficiently, this means we can better deliver and constantly improve the whole Bambu experience from the beginning to the end.

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