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An Air Source Heat Pump installation in Cleethorpes


Cleethorpes, North Lincolnshire

Products Installed:

Samsung 5kW Air Source Heat Pump. 210 litre Telford water cylinder, primary pipework. radiators with thermostatic valves.


Mr. Daniels

Nestled close to the coastline of Cleethorpes, one our Bambu Heating most recent projects is redefining the essence of home comfort and environmental responsibility. With the installation of a Samsung 5kW Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) and complementary home upgrades, this endeavor not only promises unparalleled warmth but also heralds a significant stride towards a greener and more sustainable future. ‍ The focal point of this project is the installation of the Samsung 5kW ASHP, strategically placed at the rear of the property to harnes the ambient warmth from the surrounding coastal air. This innovative technology not only ensures efficient heating but also aligns seamlessly with the homeowners' commitment to reducing their carbon footprint. By utilising renewable energy sources, the ASHP marks a departure from conventional heating methods, heralding a new era of eco-friendly living. ‍ Complementing the ASHP is the installation of a 210-litre Telford water cylinder, guaranteeing a steady supply of hot water to meet the household's needs. The integration of this modern cylinder underscores Bambu Heating's dedication to providing comprehensive heating solutions that prioritise both efficiency and comfort. ‍Moreover, the project included the supply and installation of all primary pipework from the ASHP to the house, ensuring a seamless transition to the new heating system. This meticulous attention to detail, guided by heat loss calculations, guarantees optimal performance and energy efficiency tailored to the specific needs of the property. ‍ Recognising the importance of holistic sustainability, the installation also involved the replacement of all existing radiators in accordance with the recommendations outlined in the heat loss calculations report for the property. This proactive approach not only enhances heating efficiency but also maximises comfort levels throughout the home, regardless of the season.‍In a testament to efficiency and expertise, the entire installation process, including the removal of the old boiler, was completed within a swift three days. This expedited timeline minimises disruption for the homeowners while showcasing Bambu Heating's proficiency in delivering prompt and reliable service. ‍Building upon the foundation of sustainability, the property boasts a solar PV system installed by Solar-Techs in Autumn 2023. This existing PV system plays a pivotal role in offsetting the running costs of the newly installed ASHP, further amplifying the environmental benefits and economic viability of the sustainable heating solution.‍‍

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An Air Source Heat Pump installation in Cleethorpes

Cleethorpes, North Lincolnshire

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