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Grant Aerona 2 Air Source Heat Pump installation in Mountain Ash, Wales


Mountain Ash, Wales

Products Installed:

Grant Aerona 3 Air Source Heat Pump, Tempest Hot Water Cylinder and space heating radiators


Landlord participating in the ECO4 scheme

Bambu Heating recently undertook a transformative project in Mountain Ash, Wales, installing a Grant Aerona 2 Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) in conjunction with a Tempest Hot Water Cylinder and radiators. The project was executed under the ECO4 scheme, a government-funded initiative aimed at enhancing the energy efficiency of properties and raising their Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ratings. The primary goal of this project was to improve the property’s energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and lower the homeowner’s energy bills. The ECO4 scheme provided financial assistance for the installation, aligning with the government’s commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly home heating solutions. The Mountain Ash property presented many typical challenges associated with retrofitting a heating system, including assessing the existing infrastructure, optimising the layout for the new ASHP system, and ensuring compliance with local regulations. Coordination with the ECO4 scheme requirements was crucial to guarantee eligibility and secure funding for the project. Bambu Heating proposed the installation of a Grant Aerona 2 Air Source Heat Pump, a renowned and highly efficient system designed to extract heat from the outdoor air. Paired with a Tempest Hot Water Cylinder and strategically positioned radiators, this solution promised optimal performance in both space heating and domestic hot water provision.‍ Installation Process: Assessment: Bambu Heating conducted a thorough assessment of the property, considering factors such as insulation levels, existing heating systems, and layout. System Design: Based on the assessment, a tailored system design was created to maximise the efficiency of the Grant Aerona 3 ASHP, ensuring it met the specific heating needs of the property. Installation: The installation process involved the placement of the outdoor unit for the ASHP, integration with the Tempest Hot Water Cylinder, and the installation of radiators in key living spaces. Testing and Optimisation: After installation, the system underwent rigorous testing to ensure it met performance standards. Optimization adjustments were made to fine-tune the system for optimal efficiency.‍ Outcomes: Improved Energy Efficiency: The Grant Aerona 2 ASHP, combined with the Tempest Hot Water Cylinder, significantly improved the property's energy efficiency, resulting in reduced energy consumption and lower utility bills. Lower Carbon Footprint: The transition to an air source heat pump contributed to a substantial reduction in the property's carbon footprint, aligning with environmental sustainability goals. Enhanced Comfort: The new heating system provided consistent and comfortable warmth throughout the property, with the added benefit of on-demand hot water from the Tempest Cylinder. EPC Rating Improvement: The successful completion of the project under the ECO4 scheme contributed to an increased Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating for the Mountain Ash property.‍ Bambu Heating's installation of the Grant Aerona 3 Air Source Heat Pump, supported by the Tempest Hot Water Cylinder, exemplifies the positive impact of sustainable heating solutions. Through the ECO4 scheme, the project not only improved the energy efficiency and comfort of the homeowner but also played a role in the broader initiative to create more environmentally friendly and resilient communities. The success of this project sets a precedent for future endeavours in the pursuit of sustainable heating solutions across the region.‍

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Grant Aerona 2 Air Source Heat Pump installation in Mountain Ash, Wales

Mountain Ash, Wales